Why Use Mediations Matter?

Mediations Matter has handpicked mediators and specialists with expertise in various fields, including languages. Each mediator on our panel has expertise that fulfils a specific need.

Each of our mediators is accredited with ADR Network SA, and many have completed a number of mediation courses and accreditations.

We have fused together a team, focusing on our client’s needs in cutting costs, saving money and time, avoiding financial and emotional burnout before settling a dispute.

Each mediator comes with their own experience, skills, background, and rates. However, a specialist mediator may be brought in at any stage for their personal expertise and only charged for the limited time of assistance or advise given.

All our mediators are qualified and certified mediators. Some are experienced attorneys practising for years, and are able to carefully craft settlement agreements which are practically enforceable.

Please view each individual mediator’s profile and rates.