Costs Explained

Mediation is far more cost effective than litigation because:

  • All costs of the mediation process are shared between disputing parties.
  • Parties are focused on a common goal – resolving the dispute, not winning the case, therefore less time is spent mediating.
  • There is no risk of dominoes falling – the process can be terminated by either party at any stage.
  • The settlement agreement can be made an order of court, on an unopposed basis, thus at the fraction of the cost of litigating.


What will Mediation cost you

  • Mediators are selected by the parties and their fees are charged according to their expertise and skill; thus, parties can select less expensive mediators for less complex matters.
  • Mediation sessions are at least an hour, preferably 90 minutes


Costs will include

  • Hourly tariff of mediator per session
  • Time spent reading documents – charged per 15 minutes of the hourly rate
  • Time spent drafting documents / letters / emails – charged per 15 minutes of the hourly rate
  • Time spent on telephone calls – charged per 5 minutes of the hourly rate
  • Travelling costs if necessary
  • Venue costs if necessary